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Back to Korea on Spring days (2015)

I don't know if I can survived living in this amazing country, but surely would love to come back again for a vacation.

So after my South Korea summer vacation on 2011, I've decided to visit this country that known for their pop culture; Kpop and Kdrama again on Spring 2015.
Took lots of pictures but mostly taken with my cellphone or my iPod.

The photo parades below were all taken with my first SLR Nikon 3200 kit lens while still learning how to use it pardon the lack of technique and etc, I usually snap something without any proper photography technique,

I just count on my feeling...

Cheongdam Dong area after office hours. The traffic kinda packed but you all know nothing can't beat the notorious of Jakarta's traffic jammed!

Packed area around Exit 1 Hongdae Station taken from the Hongdae Guest House 15th floor on Saturday Night.

The Galleria building in Apgujeong when the night start crawling...

The Banpo Bridge Rainbow (singing) Fountain...after the show.

Awesome new building on Han River that grabbed my attention since I don't really exactly know what is was, till I googled.

Han River at night. Gorjes...

Another Han river side at night with the jogging track. Seoul people don't need to wait til the car free day just to do their jog exercise.

Banpo bridge entry side

a failure in focus could be a winner in bokeh hahahaha...

The Banpo Bridge Rainbow (singing) Fountain...on the show

Kinda weird seeing this autumn leaves on Spring...

Cherry Blossoms!

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Kembali ke Bali (March 2014)

Cuma kita, pantai dan senja yang sebentar lagi meraja

Kita bisa bicara di sini, di bawah pohon rindang dalam kibasan angin yang berenang di udara.

Waktuku tinggal sebentar lagi hari ini, kata Matahari.
Sajianku tak sesederhana keliatanya...coba saja.

((Warung Naugty Nuri's di daerah Ubud, Bali - recommended.))

Bagaimanapun, aku tetap primadona walau kau berupaya menutupinya

Setidaknya aku tidak mati sia-sia ketika kau berhasil menangkap indahnya corak sayapku
Masih lebih baik menunggu senja di sini daripada di dalam mall dengan taman artifisial

Just you and me, beach...
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「ようこそジャパン」 (Yokoso Japan!)

Part of the Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto 

Ticket box to entering Kiyomizudera Temple

Jishu Shrine in Kyoto 
Still in Kiyomizudera Temple with a very gorgeous clouds

Nekomata at Kiyomizu, Kyoto. A small cute restaurant with a great tasty foods! 

Part of the Fushimi Inari Shrine - Five minutes by JR train from Kyoto Station

Tatami and futon. Fits for slumbering in autumn season ^^ 

Afternoon at Shibuya, Tokyo 

Aha! That Shibuya crossing 

Wandering around at Kawasaki City. Half and hour from Tokyo

Nikko. The national Heritage site. Two hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo.
Still in Jishu Shrine, Kyoto. 

We found this ancient cemetery on our way from Kiyomizudera area, but didn't know the name.

Kyoto's land mark. Kyoto Tower right in front of Kyoto Station.

Higashiyama's path - a view from the gate of Kiyomizu dera Temple.

Gate to the Kiyomizu dera Temple, Kyoto.

'Wishing plates' at  Jishu Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking. No wonder had so many Wishing plates hahaha...


A Tunnel of Tori gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine, five minutes from Kyoto by JR train.
Cute Panda theme restaurant in front of the Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Around Toshogu Shrines, Nikko.

To the Miyajima small Island. less than an hour from Hiroshima City.

Enterance gate to Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto.

THAT Shinkansen :)

one sweet autumn afternoon at Higashiama's path, Kyoto. 

Ginkakuji Temple view from the up hill, Kyoto.
What a nice backyard of a museum! Terang aja...soalnya ini Museum Fujiko F.Fujio alias Museum Doraemon di Kawasaki City, pasti bikin kangen masa kecil ^^

a very cute armless chair in front of the souvenir shop at Nikko heritage site

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Padang, West Sumatera. A true Weekend Gateway!

I went to Padang last January 2013 with some friends on the weekend. Padang is more that I expected. The scenery, the culinary and the people. Loved it!   

Lembah Harau

Jam Gadang

at Sawah Lunto

The Maling Kundang Legend.

Bung Hatta's House at Bukittinggi.

congklak, a traditional game in Indonesia - Yes, from INDONESIA.

at Pantai Air Manis, Padang.

The alun-alun Jam Gadang after Sunset.

Tea plantation - Solok.

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